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About The Phillip Hall Singers


The Phillip Hall Singers connect hearts and minds by performing versatile, meaningful and enjoyable musical repertoire.


To become a preeminent repository for young singers seeking eclectic performance opportunities.

By means of highlighting the artistic and vocal versatility of some of the most talented vocalists in the Greater Houston area, The Phillip Hall Singers (PHS) strives to engage diverse audiences through quality performances of multi-genred choral music.

​Founded in 2015, PHS is the brain child of well-known Houston area educator and pianist, Phillip Hall, whose vision for the group originally began as a heartfelt wish to provide more opportunities for young singers to highlight their abilities to sing many different genres of music. By intentionally programming and performing concerts that feature music spanning from lite classical, jazz and Broadway to Blues, R&B, and gospel, PHS is able to act as a unifying force to all those who attend performances, regardless of age, gender, culture, ethnicity or socio-economic background, bringing truth to the idea that music is the “great unifier.”

Under the creative and artistic direction of Mr. Hall and the group’s conductor, Charles Harrison, PHS hosts concerts that highlight and celebrate the vast diversity of the City of Houston, both through the music selections presented and the versatility of the singers in the group. Able to perform in venues as large as concert halls to those as small as parlors, The Phillip Hall Singers endeavor to bring diversity, versatility, and the joy of music to all its audiences. With your continued support, PHS can soar to new musical heights in its quest to serve the musical needs of Houston’s most promising young vocalists and the communities from which they hail.

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